Macbook & Apple Services London & Mac Repairs

mac repairs london

We offer professional an inexpensive mobile Apple and Macbook repairs and services in Greater London. Our experienced Mac engineers can troubleshoot all computer problems onsite, in our computer workshop or over the remote internet connection.

We can come to you and fix your Apple onsite (home or office) or collect your Macbook in London to service it in our workshop. Our main services are listed below but do not hesitate to contact us if you need anything else:

Programs - Software Support London
  • apple repairs londonOSX software problems troubleshooting
  • software installations and reinstallations
  • periodic services and maintenance
  • laptop software updates and upgrades
  • notebook software repairs and troubleshooting
  • laptop programs - notebook software advice and help

Macbook, Imac Cleaning - Overheatingmacbook Cleaning - Overheating - London
  • macbook overheating repairs and cleaning
  • macbook shuts down troubleshooting
  • macbook, Imac internal cleaning and maintenance
  • macbook, Apple fan repairs and replacement
  • laptop thermal grease replacement
  • laptop and notebook cleaning london
  • overheating problems removal

Water and Liquid Damaged Macbook Repairs and CleaningWater and Liquid damaged macbook london repairs
  • water damaged macbook repairs
  • liquid damaged macbook services
  • liquid damaged diagnostics London
  • liquid damage data recovery
  • liquid damage drying and repairs

Drivers - Driver Support London
apple repairs support london
  • laptop driver installations
  • driver reinstallation
  • driver backup and restore
  • driver maintenance
  • laptop drivers updates and upgrades
  • driver conflicts removal
  • driver searching and retrieval

Operating Systems: Windows, Mac OS, Linux macbook repairs London windows, mac os, linux
  • Windows 98, Me, Windows XP, 7, Vista Services and Maintenance
  • Windows NT, 2000, Server, 2003 Services and Maintenance
  • Reinstallations and Recovery of Windows operating systems
  • Laptop operating system updates and upgrades
  • Installation of many different operating systems on one laptop
  • MAC OSX operating systems installations, maintenance
  • Linux operating systems installations, updates
  • Installation of many operating systems on Intel Mac computer
  • Installing Boot Camp, Parallels and VM Fusion on Apple Macs
  • Macbook, Imac, Apple operating systems maintenance
  • Laptop and notebook operating systems troubleshooting
  • Private data recovery, private operating system data recovery
  • Make this folder private data recovery
  • Encoding of encrypted operating system files
  • Maintenance, repairs and reinstallations of Windows OS
  • Maintenance, repairs and reinstallations of Linux OS
  • Maintenance, repairs and reinstallations of Mac OSX systems
  • Mac OSX Tiger, Snow Leopard maintenance and repairs
  • Operating system reinstallations without loosing data
  • Operating system reinstallations with data and settings recovery
  • Legalization, certification, authentication of operating systems
  • Windows serial number - key changing and activation
  • Windows operating systems activation and legalisation
  • Operating systems adjusting, acceleration and speed up
  • Windows and Mac OSX Operating systems optimization
  • Operating systems diagnostics and periodic maintenance
  • Windows and Mac OSX tuning and acceleration

Viruses, Spyware, Trojans, Adware, Malware Removal - Internet Security virus removal london
  • virus removal, spyware removal, trojan removal
  • malware removal, adware removal, threats removal
  • internet security check London
  • internet safety and network security advice
  • laptop antivirus and antispyware software installations
  • notebook antivirus and antispyware software updateing
  • installing firewalls and internet protection software
  • installation and configuration of internet security software
  • internet security consultation and advice
  • virus, spyware failure recovery

Email, Electronic Mail, Spam antispam london email
  • installation and configuration of email software - email clients
  • installation and configuration of email accounts
  • installation and configuration of email servers
  • antispam filters and antispam software installation and configuration
  • antivirus and eMail internet security installations
  • email and antispam advice and consultation
  • email recovery and email settings recovery
  • email transfers and reconfiguration London

Backup - Data Safety Copies
  • backup london macbooksoftware backup installation, configuration, maintenance
  • hardware backup installation, configuration, maintenance
  • online backup - installation, configuration and maintenance
  • backup restore and backup recovery support
  • backup advice and consultation London
  • system mirroring - ghost copies of the system
  • backup restoration and transfers between computers

Laptop and Notebook Data Recovery - Data Retrieval
  • data recovery londonmacbook data recovery
  • portable computer data recovery and retrieval
  • private documents recovery and retrieval London
  • private folders recovery and retrieval
  • documents and settings recovery and restore
  • hard disks and drives data recovery
  • memory cards data recovery
  • other data recovery and retrieval
  • program files and settings recovery
  • laptop and notebook settings recovery
  • operating system private data recovery
  • make this folder private data recovery
  • recovery of system files and folders
  • encrypted files recovery and encoding
  • data recovery of encrypted files and folders
  • reinstalling operating system without loosing data
  • system reinstall without data loss
  • data recovery and operating system reinstalling
  • email data recovery and retrieval
  • data restore and retrieval London

Data Transfer, File Transfer, Settings Transfer
  • data transfer londondata transfer before drives or disks
  • data and settings transfer between computers
  • data transfer between laptops and notebooks
  • online data and settings transfer
  • data and settings synchronization
  • wireless data transfer and synchronization
  • internet data transfer (FTP, VPN and others)

Password Reset, Password Recovery, Password Retrieval
  • password reset and recovery macforgotten password recovery London
  • forgotten password reset London
  • Windows XP, Vista, 2000, 2003 password reset and recovery
  • Wifi - Wireless network password recovery and reset
  • router password recovery and reset
  • macbook password removal and reset
  • imac password reset and removal
  • MAC OSX Tiger and Leopard admin password reset and recovery
  • Windows admin password recovery and reset
  • Windows XP, Vista user password recovery and reset
  • software and program lost passwords recovery and reset
  • resetting files password, resetting forgotten password
  • laptop password reset and recovery London
  • notebook password reset and recovery London
  • bios password reset and recovery
  • other password retrieval, reset or recovery

Cable Networks, Lan - Ethernet
  • apple networks londoncable networks - lan installation and configuration
  • cable netwoks maintenance and repairs
  • router, hubs, switches configuration and maintenance
  • cable router installation and repairs
  • cable modems installations and maintenance
  • cable networks auditing, advice and consultation
  • internet sharing over cable network
  • home or small office network building
  • files and printer sharing configuration over the lan network

Wireless Networks, WiFi, Wlan, Access Points
  • wireless networks wifi london
  • wifi, wireless, wlan networks installation and maintenance
  • wifi - wireless networks configuration and repairs
  • WEP, WPA, WPA2 security systems for Wlan
  • wireless, wifi networks auditing, consultation and advice
  • wireless internet sharing
  • files and printer sharing over the wireless network
  • wireless printer configuration
  • laptop and notebook wireless - wifi configuration
  • wireless network, wifi security systems in London
  • wireless password resetting and recovery London

Macbook Repairs - Notebook Repairs and Maintenance London
  • macbook repairs london
  • macbook power socket repair and replacement
  • notebook power jack repair and replacing
  • macbook, imac cracked screen replacement
  • laptop wide screen replacing and repairs
  • macbook dark screen repair and services
  • imac lcd screen replacing and repair
  • notebook keyboard repairs and replacement
  • laptop motherboard reapirs and replacement
  • notebook motherboard resoldering and repairs
  • laptop and notebook maintenance and checkups
  • usb ports repairs and replacemnet
  • jack, headphone, microphone ports replacement and repairs
  • laptop cdrw, cd, dvd, dvdrw replacement
  • macbook, imac hard drive replacement
  • laptop hard disk replacing and maintenance
  • laptop graphics repairs and maintenance
  • notebook graphic card repairs and services
  • laptop parts repairs and replacement
  • laptops cleaning - internal and external
  • notebook overheating problems solved
  • laptop overheating problem removal

Computer Hardware and Equipment Services London
  • apple repairs londonprinters, copiers and faxes installation and configuration
  • wireless printers installation and configuration
  • network printers installation and configuration
  • computer hardware and equipment installation and maintenance
  • electronic home equipment installations and configuration
  • apple troubleshooting
  • laptop and notebook upgradeing and updateing
  • pc and mac laptops and notebooks maintenance
  • periodic maintenance for laptops and notebooks

Macbook, Imac Free Recycling, PC & MAC Recycling Londonmacbooks recycling london
  • macbook recycling London
  • imac recycling London
  • PC and Apple Mac recycling London
  • macbook, imac disposal London
  • london data removal London
  • apple & mac data erasure London
  • free laptop recycling london
  • free notebook recycling in London
  • free laptop pickup and recycling
  • portable computer recycling london
  • apple mac recycling
  • free data recovery and /or removal if you recycle with us
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